Landscaping can be a tough job, and it’s one that a lot of homeowners come to dread.
However, when you have the right landscaping supplies, your imagination can run wild and creating your perfect garden comes easy.
So, what are the top landscaping supplies needed to make your garden stand out? Read on to learn the top 3 supplies we suggest having on hand to create the garden of your dreams.

1. Landscaping Hand Tools

We know that hand tools aren’t the most glamorous landscaping supplies – but they are the basics that everyone should have in their garden shed or garage. Having a variety of basic landscaping tools that are hand-powered including shovels, rakes, garden hoes, trowels, and more, is a good idea so that you are prepared for any project that may come up.
Most hand landscaping supplies come with wood handles which is because wood is strong, durable, and best of all: affordable. When it comes to hand tools, a great tip we have for everyone is to avoid painted wood handles. Usually, when a wood handle is painted, it is to try to disguise the use of low-quality wood.
Other than wood-handled tools for landscaping, there is also an array of hollow steel or fibreglass handled tools. These are great options when you are looking for a tool that will last a long time and are willing to pay a little more than you would for wood handled tools.
Lastly, always try before you buy – if possible. This way you will know how it feels to use it and if you will be able to use it properly. As well, D-shaped handles provide the most comfortable grip.

2. Fertilisers

Fertilisers are one of the most important landscaping supplies to have in your shed. You may underestimate the real power of a good fertiliser, but if you want your garden to grow and flourish then having a great fertiliser is key.
Many people think fertilisers are full of chemicals that can be harmful to their plants but fertilisers are made to feed your plants the proper way. However, if you still aren’t comfortable using chemical fertilisers, then there are also great organic ways to feed your plants.
The main ingredients in most plant foods are nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium – the basic elements which are required in plant growth. All of these ingredients are essential nutrients for developing plants, and they work together to produce a healthy plant. If even one of these nutrients is lacking or missing, the plant will struggle to grow to its full potential.
On the other hand, if you are looking for a more natural fertiliser then having your own compost is a great way of getting nutrients into your plants. In your compost, start recycling all of your leftovers and waste plant material, as well as drier things like cardboard. Composts contain the main three nutrients that plants need, and with the help of garden worms, you will be able to produce a great natural fertiliser.

3. Garden Stones

Having garden stones like pebbles, cobbles, glow stones, and chippings & gravel, are great to have on hand in your shed or garage as they provide an easy and quick way to do some beautiful landscaping. Depending on the type of garden stones you have, you can easily create a path around your garden, use the stones to help with drainage, or if you just want to add some style to your garden.
The use of garden pebbles is a great choice when you notice you have some bare patches that you want to cover and also keep the moisture in the soil. If you are looking to create a path around your garden, then it is best to go for gravel & chippings as they well meld together under the pressure of walking, creating a durable surface.

The Take Away

At the end of the day, there are many landscaping supplies to choose from when you want to make the garden of your dreams. However, we know that with the above 3 supplies, you will have a great head start on having the best garden in your neighbourhood.
For more landscaping tips and ideas, contact us today.