Pixies Montessori is located in Cabinteely

We Provide a learning centre for children age 2 to 6 years old

Putting Words Together


Through the use of phonetics, songs, rhymes and story telling,

we will encourage your child’s interest in books.

Our mission

We are a team of committed Early Years Educators who strive to provide a happy and secure environment. We will work with parents to ensure that you and your child’s needs are met for both parents and child including developmently and personally. We are committed to meeting your child’s needs both developmentally and personally.

We will continuously educate ourselves and all those whom we work with, in order to provide the best possible learning experience for your child. Through the Montessori Method alongside play we encourage and support the children in our care, to learn to work to the best of their ability and to reach their full potential. We will educate your child through books, songs, arts and crafts and fun methods of teaching. We will encourage and support the children to develop a natural curiosity in the world around them and to fulfill a love of learning.

We will evaluate our practise in the Early Childhood Education setting to identify the needs and preferences of the children in our care. We will provide age appropriate learning opportunities to meet the needs of the children and promote their development. Young children need to be able to make their own decisions about what they would like to do. We ensure that all materials are easily accessible to the children, to they can choose for themselves what they would like to play with. Our well resourced and high quality environment plays a valuable role in the development of children’s communication skills and their love of learning.

We will respect you and your families values and desires for your child’s future. We will care for and respect all children and their families equally, and we ask you to respect and value our staff and the other children and their families attending Pixies. We recognise that each child is different, and that meeting individual needs is the basis of providing for equality of opportunity.

We provide access for all pre-school children to a child centred educational programme regardless of their race, creed, intellectual ability and physical ability, social, cultural or religious background. We are aware that children in our care may be brought up with different ideas, values, customs and cultures. We will support and encourage the children to care for and respect others.

Our belief is that the early learning years are undoubtedly the richest, and should be utilised by education in every way.

Pixies Montessori School
Our mission

What children learn with us

The first six years of a child’s life are vital for their development as they absorb all things around them. It is during these first six years that all patterns for their future thought and behaviour are firmly established.

Through the Montessori Method of Education together through play, children learn to work to the very best of their ability, to care for and respect others, to develop a natural curiosity in the world around them and to fulfil a “Love of Learning”.

The Montessori Method of Education is based on the fact that all children pass through sensitive periods, that, at certain stages throughout their development, they have a sensitivity to learning. If any phase during the child’s development is hindered or missed, it will have an adverse effect on them. For example, a child’s sensitivity to language begins around three months, and lasts up to about five years. By the age of six a child will have acquired a large vocabulary from almost no direct teaching. If a child has not been exposed to language regularly during these “Sensitive Periods”, they will be irreversibly damaged.

Our mission


Children have their own vital energy. This energy is especially shown when the child works at a spontaneous activity, developing their own independence and learning through “the prepared environment”.

The activities that are the easiest and most fun to do, such as singing, playing games, reading, story telling, just talking and listening are the best for your child’s experience.