Using natural stone in gardens have made a huge comeback over the past couple of years as people have come to see the range of ways they can be designed into landscapes.

Some uses for natural stone in Dublin range from pathways, retaining walls, creating fire pits, or just as decorative accents throughout your garden.
So, not only will using natural stone look great and create a beautiful space, it comes with some great perks. Below we have outlined some of the great things about using natural stone in Dublin that you should consider when planning your next landscaping project.

Creates Separation

When creating your landscape, it’s always important to make clear borders. If you don’t, you run the risk of the elements of your garden blending into a mashup of one space, lacking clear structure. So, one way to create borders is through the use of natural stone.
Using natural stone in Dublin to create separation between the elements of your garden is a far more attractive and natural way rather than using plastic or metals borders. By using natural stone, you are able to get the separation you need while also having them blend perfectly into any landscape design.

Help with Drainage

Living in Ireland, we are no strangers to the rain, which is why looking for options for your garden to have better drainage is important. Having excess water in your yard can make pathways slippery, drown your plants, and even attract unwanted insects.
Using stone can solve these problems. Water can drain quicker through small stones than it does through soil, so putting down a layer of natural stone in wet spots can prevent these places from becoming puddling messes. As well, you are able to use natural stone in Dublin to create a natural waterway that will redirect the water away from where you find it pooling.

Low Maintenance

Life is busy and is always getting busier by the day, which means that most people don’t have the time to be endlessly tending to their gardens. This is why using natural stone in Dublin is another great option for your garden and landscape.
Many people look for low, easy maintenance items for their garden as they don’t have the time to be spending a whole Saturday looking after their landscape. Using stone in your garden gives you an option that is essentially no maintenance as they never have to be treated, sanded, or finished as you would do with wood decorations. As well, unlike with plants, you will never have to prune, trim, and fertilise them.
Using natural stone in Dublin looks beautiful all year round, and all you have to do to keep them clean is to rinse them off from time to time.

Find Natural Stone in Dublin

After reading about some of the great benefits that natural stone in Dublin can have for your garden and landscape, we hope you’ve fallen in love with stone and are ready to incorporate it into your designs! If you would like to learn more about natural stone, please get in touch with our professional team.
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